Your home is your place of happiness and safety for you and your family. Don’t trust just any body with the job of securing your family, call a licensed Residential Locksmith! I have the knowledge and ability to completely disassemble any lock and put it back together, this requires a license from the DPS that a local handy-man isn’t aloud to perform!

If you ever find yourself locked out of your home, trust me to let you in without damaging your door or lock!

I offer a complete home evaluation on theft deterrent and home-security! I will walk through with you and take every entree into consideration while explaining what you need and why you need it!

When your ready to change the physical hardware, call me for honest reasonable pricing. I’ve heard one to many horror stories of a handy-man or unlicensed locksmith charging more than $200 for a residential lock! Call for over the phone estimates!

In the united states there are thousands of home builders, the general public doesn’t realize that each builder has a master key that works to every home they’ve built, until it gets RE-KEYED. This unfortunately accounts for most of the none forced entree break-ins. Not only does there key work, but every master pin that has been put in the lock cylinder, makes multiple other keys work that lock also! Call and make an appointment today so no one else walks in your home unannounced!

Leino’s Lock and Key, services The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, Humble, Tomball, Montgomery, Willis, and surrounding areas for all of your locksmith needs. Coverage for emergency services to include: 77385 77386 77380 77381 77382 77384 77388 77389 77373 77379 77090 77354 77355 77301 77302 77303 77304 77306 77316 77318 77356 77355 77375 77377 77379